Full Service Audiovisual and Videoconferencing Professionals

A wholesale subcontract installation, commissioning and programming company specializing in Videoconferencing and Audiovisual integration.

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Want to see installation photos from real, on-the-job sites? We have plenty of them and made them available on the following page.
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Helpdesk & Support

MediaCentric™ provides white-labeled helpdesk and support to integrators, distributors, and manufacturers with seasoned experts that will work to resolve issues with the greatest efficiency.

Physical Address

18005 Savarona Way, Carson, CA 90746

Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas, with teams able to travel as budgets allow.

Career Opportunities
MediaCentric™ is hiring! If you're looking for an exciting career that is fast paced, team based, and within the A/V space, then you can apply for a position at MediaCentric. The opportunity to grow is limitless.

MediaCentric™ is certified,  trained and experienced in supporting…