Full Service Audiovisual and Videoconferencing Professionals

A wholesale subcontract installation, commissioning and programming company specializing in Videoconferencing and Audiovisual integration.



MediaCentric provides AV Subcontract Installation work for everything in the Commercial Pro AV domain. Installation, project coordination, videowalls, CAD


MediaCentric provides AV Subcontract commissioning, programming, Design & Engineering, helpdesk, and consulting for most things in the Commercial Pro AV domain. 


SoCal Logistics

MediaCentric offers advanced Logistics in SoCal. 5000 sq. ft warehouse with 3-tiered pallet shelving and forklift for equipment receiving, inspection, testing, kitting, rack fabrication, inventory, serial number documentation, job and room labeling, and local delivery.

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White-Label Helpdesk

MediaCentric™ provides white-labeled helpdesk and support to integrators, distributors, and manufacturers with seasoned experts that will work to resolve issues with the greatest efficiency.

We create careers!

The world is in demand of skilled workers in all industries. MediaCentric is dedicated to creating jobs for skilled AV technicians; giving people opportunities for a rewarding career path.



See just some of our projects across the country!

Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas, with teams able to travel as budgets allow.

MediaCentric: Leveraging ProjectCentric to Deliver Your Projects

Since 2020 MediaCentric has saved time, money, decreased go-backs, and increased the quality of our communication – both internally and externally by leveraging ProjectCentric.  Our customers have a free login to see their projects, download pictures, get automated daily reports to their inbox, and more.

Does this sound like a good solution for your company?  We have ProjectCentric available for subscription so you can start unifying your teams and save time and money! 

Career Opportunities
MediaCentric™ is hiring! If you're looking for an exciting career that is fast paced, team based, and within the A/V space, then you can apply for a position at MediaCentric. The opportunity to grow is limitless.

MediaCentric™ is certified,  trained and experienced in supporting…