Our Helpdesk with YOUR Name / Brand / Logo / Domain

Expand Your Ability to BE THERE
for Your Customers

Maximize your customer satisfaction and minimize your expenses by utilizing our professional and experienced helpdesk team. With our service, you can provide your customers with quality support without the burden of hiring and managing your own helpdesk staff. Our team is available 60 hours a week, from Monday to Friday, providing the same level of coverage that would require two full-time employees. With our flexible subscription options, you only pay for the number of hours you need, making it a cost-effective solution for your business. Don’t let customer support become a financial burden, let us take care of it for you. To learn more, schedule a FREE consultation.

Systems & Services

Tier 1 Front Line

  • Front-line response to phone, email, platform tickets.
  • Receive and document incidents.
  • Live client support over the phone or video. Full ownership throughout the incident. Troubleshoot hardware, software, network, users.

Tier 2 Remote Resolution, Software

  • Advance remote diagnostics on hardware. Software or firmware updates, configuration review and modifications, advanced testing and troubleshooting.
  • Real-time feedback to audio or video in the space.
  • Manufacturer RMA’s on hardware replacement.

Tier 3 Desktop Support Senior Analyst

  • Senior technical engineers that can take any troubleshooting to the highest level. Perform Tier 2 diagnostics at an even higher level of knowledge, troubleshooting and debugging. Work with manufacturer support for software bugs.
  • Provide technical support for lead field resources onsite.

  • White-label Email & Customer Ticketing Page

    We use your email/domain & respond in all communication with your clients.

  • Remote Support

    Our experienced agents as needed can remotely connect and resolve configuration issues, firmware updates, network diagnostics on your AV system.

  • Phone Support

    Personal Company IVR. Dedicated phone number to your own IVR. You can forward off of your phone system or dial in directly. Live Agents 60 Hours/Week Mon – Fri. Nights/Weekends notifications* with a response at x 1.5 of your subscribed hours.

  • Field Support

    Varied coverage areas by our own field staff or we can deploy your staff or other partners for onsite support after helpdesk determination.

  • Monitoring

    Based on the level of access you provide us, as well as the technology solution deployed in your designs, we can actively monitor locations, rooms, spaces, etc. for proactive service and dispatch.