At MediaCentric we have been honored to work with the best of the best over the years. Hands down we KNOW that Greg Jaubin is truly one of the best in his field. This month we celebrate the completion of his 20th year with MediaCentric. We wanted to share with you some of what has made him an integral part of the culture here and how he has helped make MediaCentric a better company!

Circa 2006, programming/commissioning in a hotel room at night while working on-site during the day.

Fast forward years later, Greg is pivotal to our White Label Help Desk, engineering, CAD, technical support, commissioning, and programming. MediaCentric started as a one-man band from 2000 until Greg joined in November of 2001 officially as the first employee.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing Greg’s career blossom over many years.
We have been on countless interesting projects together. We share some good war stories and plenty of laughs. I wish we had smartphones with cameras when we started because the amount of pictures and work environments we have been in together would be quite a collection. I am very grateful that Greg is still with us and I know he has been an inspiration to many of our technicians and employees today.” -David Lopez

          We have always respected Greg’s strong work ethic and can-do attitude. If we listed out the customer appreciation we’ve received for Greg over the years, this email would be too long to send! Greg is part of the bedrock foundation of the culture here at MediaCentric and is part of why we have such a strong company.

Greg, we celebrate your faithfulness and your excellence in everything you do. Thank you for 20 strong years, and more to come!