Hi MediaCentric™,

Thank you so much for coming to our site.  The MediaCentric™ Lead and his team really did a phenomenal job. 

I was very happy with him because he was sending regular daily reports that included all of the information that I needed. He managed things very well on site and followed all the requests that I sent him prior to starting (and I sent a LOT of information). I like techs to call me when they have a problem AND a solution and that’s what he did. I only heard from him if he really had a problem and I appreciate that. It makes things a lot easier for me and a lot less stressful. 

The client was also very happy with the quality of the install. It was very clean and cable management was on point. There were no issues with the install and that made him very happy! It was the smallest punch list I’ve seen in a while. 

We also worked with another Lead on another team for a project and they did a great job on that one as well. No install issues and it looked like a very clean install. We had some construction challenges with that one but the team handled it very well. 

I am a big fan of positive feedback so I hope that this helps. Thanks again for your support!