I just wanted to take a moment to reach out  to you and let you know how appreciative I have been of all the work Mediacentric™ has done in partnering with Cenero. First on a personal note, I spend a large portion of my days working with sub-contractors worldwide. I can easily say that Mediacentric™ is one of the best companies that I work with. Everyone I have ever dealt with is knowledgeable and willing to make this a true partnership. Communication has always been excellent whether in the initial stages of quoting a project  or once the PM’s are in communication to put it all together. Most recently I received a report from one of our programmers to let me know that the  San Diego project   was a great success. He had only great things to say about the technicians he worked with on site and that the work was executed with our own quality standards. To hear something like this from a programmer puts an even bigger exclamation on it for me.